Tips for Safe Power Tool Usage

Power Tool SafetyPower tools can make many projects easier, and can cut down time and effort needed to complete a task. However, power tools can also increase safety hazards and risk. There are some important tips to keep in mind and put into practice when using power tools and these tips can help get the job done without incident.

One of the golden rules of using tools is the use the right tool for the right job. There is nothing more basic or essential than this. Even so, many people may avoid this golden rule. Using the proper tool for the job will minimize risk and hazardous variables, and as an added bonus using the right tool will make the job easier.

Maintenance of the power tool and the work area is also very important. The work area should be clean, free of hazards like loose cords, and needed tools should be readily accessible. The power tools should be regularly inspects to ensure that they are not damaged, all parts are properly assembled including safety guards, and that the tool is functioning normally.

Always read instructions and know how to use the tool. Know where power switches are located to avoid accidentally activation, know how to use accessories, and know how to handle any mishaps that may arise during use of the tool. It is also important to know how to use any accessories, such as clamps and guards, properly.

Another important tip is to use safety equipment properly. Depending on the tool there may be a need for many different types of protection, such as eye protection, hearing protection, hand guards, and wearing appropriate clothing. It is important to ensure that not only are you using appropriate safety equipment, but that the work area is setup safely, and that anyone else in the area is using proper safety equipment and at a safe distance.

When not in use, power tools should be disconnected from power and stored safely. Accessories, safety equipment, cords, batteries, and any and all part should be stored according to the instructions. It is also important to keep power tools out of the reach of children.

A common mistake is also to think of only the tool when considering safety. The operator must also make sure that they are not using the tool while tired, hurried, distracted, or in a position to lose focus. The operator needs to ensure focus to the task and the tool to maintain a safe environment.

Be safe with power tools, and they will help make a project easier. Losing focus on safety can have serious and life threatening consequences. Pay attention, be alert, and follow proper safety and instruction at all times.